About Us

In the 80’s Master Baker Emile and his sister Rosette started their endeavor to offer high quality sweets that are both healthy and delicious. Emile got to work on some recipes and experimented baking without eggs and milk to make his goodies lower in fat and cholesterol. Needless to say his creativity was a success, but he did not stop there. Today Muffin Top offers a wide range of vegan treats including all kinds of breads, pastries, and cookies.

When Rosette’s husband became diabetic, the bakers hit the kitchen again for some experimentation with sugar substitutes in hopes to create a treats to cater to the diabetic community. It took about 5 years to master the recipes but Emile and Rosette did not give up. Today we offer sugar free treats using Moltitol, a natural sugar alcohol that is derived from fruits and berries. Our sugar free muffins and pound cakes can be found in health food stores like Clarks Nutrition and Loma Linda Market.

In 2011 a father of 3 little girls suffering from celiac disease visited Muffin Top to find a sweet treat for his little girls to enjoy. The father told Emile how his girls never had a birthday cake or any type of bread let alone a cookie before in their life. Emile told the father to come back next week and he will try to make something for them. When the little girls’ father returned Emile had made chocolate chip cookies, bread and cupcakes. He told the father that no child should go without ever having a chocolate chip cookie!! Due to the positive feedback from this family we are able to offer a variety of options which replaces traditional wheat flour with a mixture of potato, rice and tapioca flour.

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